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Trinity Cathedral Wedding Fees

The clergy and staff of Trinity Cathedral greet you with joy as you anticipate and plan for your wedding celebration and marriage!  Marriage is a lifetime commitment between a man and a woman who come together, in the company of their family and friends, to make vows before God and to each other for the purpose of seeking God’s blessing and guidance upon their marriage covenant.  By coming to Trinity Cathedral to be married, an engaged couple is requesting that the Church both witness and bless their marriage.  The church is much more than a beautiful building.  It is a community of people who come together to worship Jesus Christ and to celebrate their Christian faith together.  The Sacrament of Marriage is truly a cause for joy and celebration within the church community.  A wedding is one day; Christian Marriage is for a lifetime.

General Information 

All weddings are scheduled by the Cathedral office, in consultation with the clergy.  Arrangements should be made as soon as possible, and preferably before making other plans (i.e. securing a reception hall or printing invitations.) While your date can be reserved with the office, the details of your marriage need to be discussed with  Cathedral clergy before a date will be finalized. Because marriage is something that requires commitment and maturity on the part of the engaged couple,  the clergy of Trinity Cathedral take special care in assisting each couple during the time of marital preparation.  This requires that significant time and energy be invested in pre-marital counseling, which is a time of reflection, sharing, teaching and planning between the couple and the clergy.  If either party has been divorced, Canon Law requires a request to the Bishop for permission to be wed in an Episcopal Church. The clergy will assist you in preparing this request. You should plan an additional 4 to 6 weeks for a response from the Bishop’s office.

There are fees for the use of Trinity Cathedral for your wedding ceremony; you may contact the Office Administrator at 412-232-6404 or by email or can download the Wedding Fee pamphlet with the link above. Trinity Cathedral requests a $100 deposit to reserve your wedding date and Cathedral fees must be paid in full 30 days before your wedding date (organist, sexton and special fees if applicable should be brought to the rehearsal). We request no weddings after 5:00 pm on Saturdays or 6:00 pm on Fridays. Sunday wedding dates are available. The clergy and office can assist you with contacting the Altar Guild, Wedding Coordinators, and the organist as early as possible to confirm your wedding date on their calendars.

The Clergy

One of the greatest privileges of serving in this Cathedral is participating in the Rites of Passage.  Baptisms, funerals, and weddings are all very special times.  Being an instrument of the Church’s pastoral ministry is both a serious responsibility and an honor.  Each priest takes a vow to uphold the doctrine, discipline, and worship of this Church.  That vow may not be taken lightly.  Therefore, though we relish the ministry of hospitality and serving all people, when it comes to weddings we may only officiate at those which are consistent with the beliefs of this branch of the Body of Christ. It is our policy to accept the weddings of members of the Cathedral, to offer hospitality to other members of the diocese and Episcopal clergy who wish to use our facilities, and on occasion and when appropriate, the Dean or Canon Provost may make a further exception.  Please let the clergy know as soon as possible regarding any requests for participation at a rehearsal dinner or wedding reception. Last minute invitations are usually impossible to accept.


As the Cathedral Church of the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh, all wedding services will be from the Book of Common Prayer.  There are opportunities within the Prayer Book Rite for you to personalize your service and the clergy will provide assistance with the details.

Since the earliest days of the Church, the unique characteristic of a Christian wedding was the offering of the Holy Eucharist as part of the nuptial ceremony.  We encourage you to do this and to make your first act together as husband and wife the receiving of Holy Communion.However, Holy Eucharist is not a mandatory part of your wedding ceremony. All wedding guests who are baptized Christians will also be invited to share in the Sacrament of Holy Communion with you.

Some couples request special additions to the basic wedding ceremony.  Such additions should be discussed beforehand with a Cathedral clergy person.


Trinity Cathedral holds to a standard of music which upholds the dignity and integrity of our Anglican heritage. All wedding music, including soloists or instrumentalists that you may desire, must be pre-arranged with the Organist who works in conjunction with the Cathedral clergy.  He may be reached by calling 412-232-6404 ext. 124.  Keep in mind that music of a secular nature is not appropriate for a worship service and is, therefore not permitted.  However, there is a wide range of sacred music entirely suitable for weddings, and the Organist will assist you in making appropriate choices.  Pre-recorded samples of appropriate organ and vocal selections may be borrowed upon request. In most weddings, the music includes a fifteen minute prelude of organ music, a processional and a recessional.  Music at other points of the service may be arranged.  For those who may desire a soloist, they are available from the Cathedral choir.

Decorations and Flowers 

The beauty of the Cathedral lies in no small measure in its simplicity; therefore, we request that flowers be confined to the two flower stands near the altar.  A few ferns may be used at the base of the stands.  The Altar Guild must be consulted on decorating.  A ribbon or small nosegay may be used on the pews, but NO tacks or metal fasteners are permitted. As soon as the date is set, please consult the Altar Guild.  The bride may select her own florist or the Altar Guild will arrange for flowers for the large vases near the altar.


Because the marriage ceremony celebrates one of the Sacraments of the Church, which is a holy and solemn occasion, flash pictures are NOT permitted during the ceremony itself.  Post wedding pictures may be taken in the church within 30 minutes after the wedding ceremony is completed.  All photographers must coordinate their plans with the officiating clergy.  Non-flash photographs may be taken during the ceremony from pre-designated positions.  If a wedding is to be videotaped, it too must be from a pre-designated position that has been arranged with the officiating clergy.