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Trinity Cathedral invites adults and children to serve as Acolytes. Our older children and youth are invited to participate in the Sunday morning services through being an Acolyte, which provides an opportunity to train our young people and to give them an opportunity to serve the Church body. Acolyte training is available from the Cathedral clergy and seminarians. Contact the office at for more information.

OCTOBER 4– Alison and Emily Caruso
OCTOBER 11– Priscilla Castner
OCTOBER 18– Stephanie Berhosky
OCTOBER 25– Patrice Walter



The Ministry of the Chalicer is to offer the wine to those receiving Communion.  They typically serve during the 10:30 a.m.service and assist the Priests who are serving Communion. If you are interested in serving as a Chalicer, contact the office at .

OCTOBER 4– Bill Bates
OCTOBER 11– Walt Adkins
OCTOBER 18– Bill Bates
OCTOBER 25– Walt Adkins

The ministry of the usher is to welcome members and visitors to the Cathedral, helping them to seats if needed, counting the number of people, bringing up the bread and wine, collecting the offering and helping direct people during communion.  Ushers typically serve in teams and currently serve about once a month. If you interested in serving as an usher, contact the office at .

Please find below the usher schedule that was primarily based on the counting schedule:

April 3– Ed Murry
April 10– Bob Grove
April 17– Dave Payne
April 24– Josie White
May 1– Bob Grove
May 8– Brian Berhosky
May 15– Dave Payne
May 22– Josie White
May 29– Brian Berhosky
June 5– Ed Murry
June 12– Dave Payne
June 19– Bob Grove
June 26– Josie White
Thanks for your willingness to help- Dave Payne



Here is the counting schedule for April-June 2016:

April 3– Bob Grove & Ed Murry
April 10– Bob Grove & Walt Adkins
April 17– Linda Range & Linda Merriman
April 24– Priscilla Castner & Josie White
May 1– Bob Grove & Linda Merriman
May 8– Linda Range & Ed Murry
May 15– David Payne & Walt Adkins
May 22– Priscilla Castner & Josie White
May 29– Linda Range & Linda Merriman
June 5– Ed Murry & Bob Grove
June 12– David Payne & Walt Adkins
June 19– Bob Grove & Linda Merriman
June 26– Priscilla Castner & Josie White


The primary duty of Altar Guild members is to ready the table for Eucharist, approximately 550 of which are celebrated at the Cathedral each year.  Members prepare the linens, candles and sacred vessels and care for the four altars of the Cathedral.  The Altar Guild also prepares for weddings, funerals, and special Diocesan worship services and celebrations, in addition to the regular Sunday and weekday services.  New volunteers are trained by experienced Guild members.

Those who particularly appreciate the beauty of the liturgy and desire to serve in a quiet, prayerful way will find a welcome home in the Altar Guild.

The Altar Guild is now down to seven(7) members, but we cover more than 365 services held at the Cathedral throughout the year (not only for our Sunday and weekday parishioners, but for Diocesan functions as well). That is a lot of work being done by very few people. If you have the time, we can provide the training and would welcome new members with open arms and grateful hearts. Please contactPriscilla Castner at (412)741-8848 or email if you are interested in learning more about how our guild serves the Cathedral.

Another area falling under the Altar Guild’s purview is altar flowers. The altar arrangements at the high altar cost almost $100 per Sunday. If you wish to defray those costs on a given Sunday, you may sponsor flowers in memory/in honor of a loved one for a suggested minimum donation of $60. Any Sunday not covered by a sponsored memorial is picked up by the Altar Guild, and the yearly outlay is considerable. If you would like to sponsor flowers, please contact Priscilla Castner at 412-741-8848 or email